Sara moved to Montreal about six months into our last record. She went there, didn’t know anybody there, it was like middle of winter, minus gazillion, and she’s stuck in this big old apartment with no furniture and she sent me all these really sad pictures of just like her bed on the floor and her computer. And she wrote songs like ‘Downtown’ when she first moved there. She had a crush on someone and they were in another relationship and she said she kinda felt like a stalker when she’d see them out and about. I know that that song and ‘Walking With A Ghost’ were sorta themed around the idea of wanting to be with somebody you couldn’t be with. I can just picture her sitting in her big open window staring out at the ice and snow and wishing that person was there. And I don’t know, it makes me depressed. Actually, most of her songs on the record can make me feel depressed.

Tegan  (via seaoftheedge)
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  • #downtown is one of my favourites #tegan and sara
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